Why this website?

RaynaudsRelief.com is a website designed to educate on the 3 stages of Raynaud's Phenomenon, the two main types of Raynaud's and solutions to the Raynaud's Phenomenon.

Hand showing cold fingers caused by Raynaud's Disease (Picture by Patrick Callahan)
Cold fingers caused by
Raynaud's Disease

The first and most common stage of the Raynaud's Phenomenon

Everyone has been outside when it is freezing cold and had their hands or feet turn white and become numb. The reason that your extremities turn white is due to vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction decreases blood flow by constricting the wall of your blood vessels causing less blood to flow to your outer extremities (i.e. fingers, hands, feet, toes, etc). This is the body's natural reaction in an attempt to retain its core heat. The average person suffering from cold weather or Raynaud's Phenomenon doesn't typically experience any worse side effects, but it can get much more severe for a chronic Raynaud's Disease sufferer. Imagine now that your hands or feet are so cold that they turn from white to blue. This is the next stage of the Raynaud's Phenomenon.

The last 2 stages experienced by Raynaud's sufferers

The blue color that has now taken over your fingers is caused by cyanosis, which is the color of deoxygenated hemoglobin near the skins surface. It appears to be blue but you are really seeing a dark red color that shows blue when refracted and absorbed by the skin. This is more prominent when coupled with the effects of vasoconstriction and is mostly found in fingers, underneath fingernails and lips. Put simply this stage is the effects of oxygen depleted blood (dark red blood) caused and made prominent by the first step of Raynaud's which is vasoconstriction.

The last step of Raynaud's would be when you are starting to bounce back and return to normal color. Once you start to warm up your blood vessels will start to dilate and blood rushes back into your affected areas. This can get painful and the two most common effects of this are swelling and the feeling of "pins and needles". The feeling of pins and needles is known as Paresthesia and can also be associated with the feeling of an extremity "falling asleep".

Hands showing cold fingers caused by Raynaud's Disease (infrared)
Cold fingers caused by Raynaud's Disease, showing the
temperature of the fingers. Darker means colder.

What kind of Raynaud's do you experience?

Now that you understand the different stages of Raynaud's, let's look at two main types of Raynaud's sufferers. Someone who suffers from Raynaud's Disease can have a Raynaud's episode caused by many different triggers. The main triggers are cold weather and emotional stress with the most common demographic afflicted being young adult women. The second type of Raynaud's sufferer is someone who doesn't have the chronic disorder but has exposed themselves to cold temperatures and experiences the side effects of the Raynaud's Phenomenon.

Finally a product and company that can help

Raynaud's is your body's natural reaction to the cold and can be a very painful experience and those that suffer from Raynaud's Disease are far more susceptible to the above mentioned stages of the Phenomenon. People who suffer from chronic Raynaud's Disease are often times limited from performing activities and events in the colder months and in some severe cases all year round. Although Raynaud's isn't curable, the Raynaud's Phenomenon can be avoided by even the most severe Raynaud's Disease sufferer. The main key is to keep your core temperature and extremities warm. That is easy at home or in your car because you can always get another blanket, throw another log on the fire or just turn the heat up. Once you step into an environment that you can't control the temperature in you are at the mercy of your body's ability to stay warm. There are products that can help you stay warm and help fight the side effects of Raynaud's Phenomenon. Available now to consumers are heated clothes designed for the US Military but trendy enough to wear to the store. Gerbing's Heated Clothing has been providing consumers with clothes and accessories that give them that "just out of the dryer warmth" for over 30 years. Traditionally Gerbing's Heated Clothing has provided motorcyclists with heated suits that were tethered to the motorcycle itself. Gerbing's Heated Clothing now has launched the new Core Heat products that are powered by a 7 volt rechargeable lithium battery. Our clothes and accessories can now operate at high temperatures for extended periods of time with a battery that is smaller than most cell phones. Gerbing's Heated Clothing uses a patented high grade Microwire technology that was developed for the US Military. From the sporty Core Heated Vests to our wide variety of Core Heated Gloves and accessories we believe in the quality of our products and that is why every product that leaves Gerbing's Heated Clothing carries a lifetime warranty on its wiring.

Warm hand just out of a heated Gerbing's glove.
A warm hand just out of a heated Gerbing's glove,
showing perfect heat distribution.
Average temperature: 35.7°C (96.3°F).
The blue 'haze' shows warm air rising from the hand.

Core Heated Vests

Gerbing's Heated Clothing's new Core Heated Vests allows users to be comfortable in cold weather without piling on bulky layers. The Softshell vest comes in a men's and women's cut and has a small sleek thermostat that allows the user to fine tune the heat output for their specific need. The Core Heated Fleece Vest comes in black and Camo for a day at the ballgame or a day in the tree stand. Once you try one of our heated vests on you will wonder why you didn't get one earlier.

Core Heated Gloves

The Core Heated Glove line includes four varieties of heated gloves to keep you from getting cold hands. The heated Snow gloves are aThe Core Heated Glove line includes four varieties of heated gloves to keep you from getting cold hands. The Snow gloves are aimed at the skier who would like a little added warmth on the slope plus the comfort of an Aqua-Tex lining to keep them 100% waterproof. The heated Camo gloves are made with whisper quiet micro fleece and are made with Aqua-Tex and Thinsulate to keep them waterproof and warm. Core Heated Fleece gloves are a lightweight two layered glove for a great fit and look for around town or at the ball game. Core Heated mitts have a brushed polyester shell with a poly fleece interior and are made to slide on and off easily.

The next time you have a Raynaud's episode remember that you don't have to be miserable and you can call on Core Heated Clothing by Gerbing’s to keep you warm.


(...) I have Raynaud's disease, so these [Core Heat Fleece] gloves were like a miracle to me. This is the first winter where my fingers haven't gone totally numb in years. They are like a "miracle" to me. (...)

Janny K.

(...) Gerbing makes a whole host of heated clothing. Since I suffer from a condition called Raynaud's Disease (my fingers get extremely numb when exposed to cold for even short periods of time), the Gerbing heated gloves are a perfect solution for cold fingers during cold weather photography. Not only do these gloves keep my hands and fingers warm, but they also give me enough dexterity to fully operate my digital camera equipment without any sacrifice in speedy camera and lens operation.

These Gerbing heated gloves are powered by lithium ion batteries (one for each glove). Each battery has 4 heat output settings (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%). On the 100% setting the battery charge will last for about 2 hours. The charger will charge both batteries at the same time which is a very convenient time saver. Admittedly, these gloves are expensive ($180.00 for my camouflage version pictured above). But when you've got to get the pictures during cold weather, there is no better choice. (...)

Randall (Lens Extender)

The cold months are a nightmare for me, since touching almost any surface drains what little heat is present in my hands and precipitates the white fingers of raynaud's. I fear filling my car's gas tank, since squeezing that frozen handle for several minutes allows the cold to penetrate all of the gloves I have previously tried. Once the raynaud's starts, I am not able to generate enough heat to restart circulation, and MUST find some outside heat source. I tried chemical hand warmers, but they just didn't get enough heat to my fingers. When I heard about the V12 hybrid gloves, I was skeptical but was quietly praying that they would help. My prayers were answered! They generate enough heat, especially in the fingers, that I now enjoy brisk walks outside with my wife in the dead of the winter. I no longer fear the gas station. Carrying spare charged batteries gives me the confidence to go on extended trips outside. To me, these gloves are worth their weight in gold.

Steve Sullivan

Raynaud's Association

The Raynaud’s Association is a national non-profit (501c3) organization whose mission is to provide support and education to the millions of sufferers of Raynaud’s Phenomenon, an exaggerated sensitivity to cold temperatures. The Association seeks to educate the general public about this condition, which can be very painful and, for some, may cause serious blood vessel damage. For more information, go to: