Core Heated Fleece Gloves

At Gerbing's we get request for all types of gloves for all kinds of activities. The most common characteristics requested for the "perfect" battery powered gloves would probably be:

  1. They need to be warm!
  2. They can't be bulky.
  3. They need to be multi-purpose.

Well, we believe the Core Heat Fleece gloves meet these characteristics, and then some. First of all, they are engineered with our patented Microwire® heating technology that is woven throughout to provide an intense amount of heat that surrounds the hand with warmth. Secondly, they are constructed with a form-fitting lightweight microfleece that provides added warmth but without the bulk.

Designed for everyday use, the Core Heat Fleece gloves are the perfect gloves for around town use or at the ball game. You can use them skiing, hunting or just sledding with the kids, they are very adaptable gloves that can be used for a variety of activities.

Core Heated Mitts

The CORE HEAT Mitts are the most economical heated gloves offered by Gerbing's and are probably the most versatile as well. Designed to be easily taken on and off, they are great for those looking for some warm shelter for their hands but also the ability to quickly remove them when your hands are called to action.

Great for the winter golfer to help keep his hands warm in between shots and equally as functional for the ice fisherman who needs to quickly warm up his hands after fishing a crappie out of an ice hole.

We all know that mitts are warmer than gloves but what makes our CORE HEAT Mitts even more unique is that they not only concentrate heat coverage along the top of the hand but also around the fingertips as well. I don't know about you, but my fingertips are usually the first to go numb and the last thing I want to have to deal with are cold, numb fingers that won't function the way I need them to or want them to.

If you are looking for some serious warmth but still like to have quick access to your hands then the CORE HEAT Mitts are the only way to go. Whether you are in the stands at the ballgame, out fishing on a frozen lake or getting ready to tee it up on a frosty spring morning, go with the CORE HEAT Mitts from Gerbing's you will never be left out in the cold again.